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Thailand - Somdhat Defends Tanks Purchase (16 Jun 2002)
Critics have termed the decommissioned tanks that Switzerland is trying to sell Thailand as too heavy for Thailand's terrain and are poorly equipped. However, Army Chief General Somdhat Attanand supports the purchase of the 160 ageing Pz68/88 tanks, which were made in 1968. [more...]

Thailand - Tanks Becoming Army's "White Elephant" (16Jun 03)
Many tanks from the Thailand Navy are left idle in deports and are not being utilised due to budget constraints. Some have their engines started once or twice a day to maintain their usability. However, there are others left obsolete.[more...]

Thailand - Somdhat Replaces Surayud As Army Chief (3 Aug 2002)
Yesterday, Army Chief-of-Staff General Somdhat Attanand was announced as the new army commander with effect from October 1st. He will succeed General Surayud Chulanont who in turn will take over the position of Supreme Commander. [more...]