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Thailand - Tanks Becoming Army's "White Elephant" (16 Jun 2003)
Many tanks from the Thailand Navy are left idle in deports and are not being utilised due to budget constraints. Some have their engines started once or twice a day to maintain their usability. However, there are others left obsolete.

This has been the scenario since the 1997 economic crisis, as tanks consume large amounts of fuel and are expensive to maintain. A heavy tank like M60-A3 or M48-A5 consumes three litres of diesel a kilometre. Smaller tanks use two litres of diesel a kilometre.

Examples of tanks not used effectively include the T-85 APCs from China and 106 American-made Stingray light tanks. Many of these tanks are being used for mock army exercises. High costs occur when it comes to the upgrading and the maintaining of the tanks.

The Ordnance Department is now in the process of upgrading 25 British-made Scorpion amphibian tanks, for 12 million baht each. These tanks are being equipped with a night vision system to enable night combat, and their engines are being overhauled.