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Taiwan - Latest Defence Technologies At Taiwan Exhibition (15 Aug 2003)
The large turnout at the Taipei Aerospace Technology Exhibition (TATE) 2003 showed that firms were eager to engage with Taiwan's 10-year arms buying spree worth NT$700 billion (S$36 billion). [more...]

Taiwan To Acquire Anti-Submarine Aircraft From U.S (28 Jul 2003)
Taiwan military is deciding to purchase US-made C-27J Spartan anti-submarine aircraft rather than the P-3C Orion and S-3 Viking. The P-3C Orion and S-3 Viking are both out of production and resuming the line would add significantly to the cost of the aircraft. Spare parts and technical support for the P-3C and S-3 would also be more costly. [more...]

Taiwan-Local Firm push for U.S Contract For Submarine (16 Jun 2003)
Taiwan-run China Shipbuilding Corp (CSBC) hopes to ink contracts to build and assemble components of the eight submarines that the United States had promised to sell to Taiwan.[more...]

Replacement of Humvees (8 Apr 2003)
The Taiwan Army is scheduled to replace around 7000 Humvees (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle), which has been in service for a decade with a new model in a few years time. [more...]

Anti-Missile Systems Vital (22 Feb 2003)
Taiwan needs to stock up on Anti-Missile systems to combat China's growing missile threat. China is adding 75 missiles a year to its weapon store aimed at Taiwan and is expected to total 600 by 2005. Faced with the increasing missile threat, the United States urged Taipei to advance quickly with anti-missile systems, notably Lockheed Martin's Patriot PAC-3, to counteract the Chinese buildup in both the short and mid period. [more...]

Army Acquire New Cannons (18 Jan 2003)
The Taiwan Army is slated to receive state-of-the-art cannons this year. They will receive the first batch of newly ordered 155mm M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers from the US. The M109A6 canon was agreed by the US to be sold to Taiwan two years back and is the most technologically advanced artillery in service with the US army. [more...]

Bid to Sell German Subs to Taiwan (12 Oct 2002)
US defence technology group Northrop Grumann intends to sell submarines made by its German partner Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG (HDW) to Taiwan. [more...]

Taiwan Launches First Stealth Boat (27 Sep 2002)
The Taiwanese Navy yesterday launched its first locally built stealth missile boat, which it said would prove a valuable asset in the event of conflict with China. [more...]

China Shipbuilding Forecasts Profit
(17 Sep 2002)
Debt-ridden China Shipbuilding Corp is predicting it will report NT$200 million in pretax profit this year and hopes it could return to profitability within two years by building and repairing naval vessels. [more...]

HDW Might be Able to Sell Subs to Taiwan (17 Sep 2002)
The deputy CEO of HDW, Hannfried Haun has publicly expressed confidence it could close a deal worth an US$6 billion. French and Dutch companies are also reportedly interested in the sale of submarines to Taiwan. [more...]

Taiwan Developing Cruise Missiles (01 Sep 2002)
Taiwan is in the final stage of developing a cruise missile aimed at deterring a Chinese naval invasion.[more...]

Taiwan Risks attack, China Military Warns (07 Aug 2002)
Taiwan risks attack from China if President Chen Shui-bian presses ahead with a referendum on the island's future, Beijing's military warned through state-run media on Wednesday. [more...]

Problems Surface over Submarines Pledged for Taiwan (16 Jul 2002)
Despite Bush's promise, Chinese hostility makes selling arms to Taipei difficult, report Mure Dickie and Richard McGregor [more...]

Navy Wraps up Wweek-long Sub Talks (30 Jul 2002)
The navy has just completed a talks with its US counterpart on the purchase of eight diesel-powered submarines from the US, defense sources said yesterday. [more...]

Taiwan Looks Now to Russia for Submarine Technology (20 Jun 2001)
(Source - Janes)
Private individuals from Russia are pursuing exploratory discussions with Taiwan on the latter's capability to build the Russian-designed Kilo-class diesel-electric patrol submarine. [more...]