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Singapore - The FY2004 Budget (01 Mar 2004)

Singapore - Warplanes Flown In For Flight Tests (25 Feb 2004)
Warplanes like Boeing F-15 Strike Eagle and the Dassault Rafale can be seen in the Asian Aerospace Airshow this week. However, these two warplanes are also potential candidates to replace Singapore's ageing A-4 Super Skyhawks and will remain for flight tests. The deal is estimated to be worth $2-billion. [more...]

Singapore- Singapore Launch Terrorism Research Centre (21 Feb 2004)
Singapore launched a terrorism research centre that will collate information regarding the motives and methods of terrorists yesterday. The centre is manned by 16 international researchers speaking 12 languages whom are aged between 20 to 30 years old. These researchers are from the United States, Europe, Sudan, Morocco and Asia. They range from military officials to religious scholars. [more...]

Singapore-Special Tactics And Rescue Unit Focus on Terrorism (29 Jan 2004)
Together with other Homeland Security agencies and the Singapore Armed Forces, the Special Tactics and Rescue unit (STAR) has taken on a new role of handling terrorist situations [more...]

Singapore- Navy Submarines To Arrive Next Month (26 Jan 2004)
The Dock Express, a semi-submersible cargo ship will be carrying three of the Navy's submarines when it arrives in Singapore next month [more...]

Singapore- First Stealth Ship launched in France (08 Jan 2004)
The first of six stealth frigates was launched into the waters of Lorient, France yesterday. The RSS Formidable was manufactured by Direction des Constructions Navales (DCN) and will soon be equipped with arsenal such as guns and torpedoes before undergoing sea trials at the end of the year in Lorient. [more...]

Singapore- Pilotless Planes Form Future Of Military Aviation (17 Dec 2003)
To mark the 100th anniversary today of the first aeroplane flight, Chief of Air Force, Major-General Lim Kim Choon offered his take on the future of Military Aviation. He cited pilotless planes, developments in precision weapons and datalink technologies as examples of future assets [more...]

Singapore- Defence Minister To Launch Navy's First New Frigate (14 Nov 2003)
Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean will launch the first of the six new frigates being developed for the Singapore Navy in France on the 7th of January. Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan who was on a visit at the French Naval Yard on Wednesday said that the ship was in its final stages already. [more...]

Britain Will Provide Air Bases If Singapore Purchase Their Jets. (13 Nov 2003)
Britain will avail her facilities for air training and basing to Singapore if Singapore chooses the Eurofighter Typhoon to replace its Super Skyhawk fighter-bombers. [more...]

Singapore- Stealth Warships to Form Next Generation Navy (12 Nov 2003)
The new fleet of stealth warships will possess the forefront of technology with the latest in weapons and sensors. The six 110m warships may also be armed with more advanced anti-ship missiles that fly faster than the speed of sound. [more...]

Singapore-Stricter Laws Imposed On Shipments (12 Nov 2003)
New shipment laws imposed by Singapore this year resulted in several suspicious shipments being stopped. The new laws were part of a plan to control the trading and transshipment of biological products, chemicals, weapons and certain type of technology. [more...]

Regional Defence Spending Expected to Double (11 Nov 2003)
Defence spending in the Asia-Pacific is expected to double by 2009. This is due to the acquiring of new naval ships to combat growing regional hostilities and to defend natural resources. [more...]

Singapore gets carrots to buy French Warplane (03 Nov 2003)
THE French government is offering Singapore the chance to jointly develop a new radar system if the air force opts for the warplane Rafale when it decides on a new fighter aircraft. [more...]

Singapore - The FY2003 Budget (02 Nov 2003)

Singapore - European/US jets make it to the top three of Singapore Mindef's Shortlist of Aircraft Manufacturers (11 Oct 2003)
European firms dominated the Mindef shortlist for the replacement of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) A-4U Super Skyhawk fighter bombers, with two out of three nominees from Europe. The two European representatives were the Typhoon, manufactured by the Eurofighter group and the Rafale manufactured by Dassault Aviation from France. [more...]

Singapore - 3 Firms Shortlisted To Supply New Choppers (12 Aug 2003)
After a three-year search for its first ship-borne helicopters, the Singapore Navy has narrowed the field to three companies. These companies will be invited to Singapore later this month to give their best offers for submission. The contract will be up to eight helicopters. [more...]

Singapore - New Fighter Jet May Be Set To Replace Singapore's Fleet (02 Jul 2003)
The first of 232 new Eurofighter Typhoon jets were handed over to Britain's Royal Air Force on Monday. The multi-role fighter is also in consideration to replace the Singapore Air Force's aging Super Skyhawks. [more...]

Singapore - Mindef presents planned IT purchases (8 May 2003)
The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) together with the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) unveiled their intended IT purchases to IT professionals yesterday. The IT purchases included products for fleet management, processing of pre-enlistees and national servicemen plus software that will enhance Mindef's website - [more...]

Singapore: Changes In Singapore Cabinet (29 Apr 2003)
On August 1st, Education Minister, RADM Teo Chee Hean will be taking over the portfolio of Defence Minister from Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan, who will be promoted to Coordinating Minister for Security and Defence. [more...]

Singapore- New Helicopters To Match Today's Defence Challenges (10 Apr 2003)
Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Tony Tan unveiled eight Apache Longbow attack helicopters yesterday. Singapore's United States-based company of Apache attack helicopters are based at the Peace Vanguard detachment in Fort Marana, Arizona. [more...]

Singapore-New Fighter Jets To Be Determined Soon (2 Apr 2003)
The Programme for the replacement of the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF's) current fleet of A-4SU Super Skyhawks is likely to involve six contenders, initially. [more...]

India and Singapore Navies in Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise (17 Mar 2003)
The Indian Navy (IN) and the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) conducted their annual Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercise in Kochi, India, from 3 to 13 March 2003. This exercise marks the 10th anniversary of the series of ASW exercises conducted between the two navies since 1994. [more...]

Singapore MINDEF High-Lavel Reshuffle
- RADM Ronnie Tay takes over as Navy Chief on 1 Apr 2003 (12 Mar 2003)
The Singapore Defence Ministry announced that the Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant-General Lim Chuan Poh and Chief of Navy, Rear-Admiral Lui Teck Yew will be relinquishing their posts. This is part of the SAF periodic reshuffling to inject new blood at its top levels. [more...]

Singapore- Defence Spending Going Up Next Year (16 Dec 2002)
Singapore's defence spending will go up next year to counter the threat of terrorism. [more...]

Singapore- Keel of First Frigate laid at DCN, Lorient on 14 Nov 2002 (14 Nov 2002)
The keel of the first vessel of Singapore navy's new class of stealth warships was laid yesterday at the Lorient docks of French shipbuilders Direction Des Constructions Navales (DCN). [more...]

Singapore- DSTA gets a New CEO (11 Sep 2002)
Singapore's Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA), will get a new head later this year. [more...]

Second Submarine Up and Running (25 Aug 2002)
A Second submarine in the Singapore Navy is now fully operational, said the Defence Ministry yesterday. [more...]

ST Engg makes Successful Bid for US Shipyard (25 Jul 2002)
Defence conglomerate Singapore Technologies Engineering said yesterday it put in a successful bid of US$66 million for Halter Marine, the troubled shipbuilding arm of US-based Friede Goldman Halter. [more...]

Deputy Minister of Defence Visits the UK and France (21 Jul 2002)
The Education Minister and second Minister for Defence, Rear-Admiral (NS) Teo Chee Hean will be visiting France and the United Kingdom, beginning 21 July 2002. [more...]