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Singapore-Special Tactics And Rescue Unit Focus on Terrorism (29 Jan 2004)

Together with other Homeland Security agencies and the Singapore Armed Forces, the Special Tactics and Rescue unit (STAR) has taken on a new role of handling terrorist situations.

The role of the STAR unit has always been to engage in neutralising armed and dangerous criminals and to resolve urban sieges that may involve hostages or firearms. The unit also provides protection for very very important persons (VVIP) and in escorting dangerous criminals and those likely to attempt escape.

However, since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, the team's commanding officer said that the unit's role has changed as it now involves the handling of terrorists, especially that of suicide bombers.

Due to this new role, the STAR unit demands the best officers. These officers must be in top physical form and must also be able to make decisions and exercise judgment on the spot without guidance and under stressful conditions.

The commanding officer cited that his unit would continue to maintain a high level of readiness as it gears up against unconventional threats.