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Britain Will Provide Air Bases If Singapore Purchase Their Jets. (13 Nov 2003)

Britain will avail her facilities for air training and basing to Singapore if Singapore chooses the Eurofighter Typhoon to replace its Super Skyhawk fighter-bombers.

The Eurofighter Typhoon, the American F-15T Strike Eagle and the French Dassault Rafale are the three jets short-listed by the Ministry of Defence in a 20-plane deal worth a reported $2 billion. The decision will be made late next year or in 2005.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Royal Air Force have worked closely together. Visiting British Minister of Defence Procurement, Lord Bach stated that Britain would be able to provide an excellent solution to Singapore's training and basing facilities for its pilots and aircraft.

Other incentives from Britain include the beyond-visual-range missile called the Meteor, which will also be provided to RSAF without restrictions. The Meteor BVRAAM can destroy targets at a long range and engage several targets at the same time.

Singapore currently does not have basing and training facilities in Britain but has them in France, Australia and the United States. Access to Britain's facilities will enable the RASF pilots to train in bad weather conditions, given Britain inclement weather conditions.

All three shortlisted aircraft are twin-engine planes. All RSAF's fighter jets now are single-engine.

The other two shortlisted candidates are also offering incentives to Singapore. For example, France is offering the opportunity to jointly develop a new radar system plus providing greater access to air force training areas in France if it selects the Rafale.