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Singapore MINDEFHigh-Level Reshuffle
- RADM Ronnie Tay takes over as Navy Chief on 1 Apr 2003 (12 Mar 2003)

The Singapore Defence Ministry announced that the Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant-General Lim Chuan Poh and Chief of Navy, Rear-Admiral Lui Teck Yew will be relinquishing their posts. This is part of the SAF periodic reshuffling to inject new blood at its top levels

Lt-Gen Lim will be replaced by Army Chief, MG Ng Yat Chung. The next Army Chief will be BG Desmond Kuek, who is the present Director of Joint Intelligence Directorate.

RADM Lui Teck Yew will be replaced by his Chief of Staff (Navy Staff) Ronnie Tay.

All the changes will take place commencing 1st April 2003.