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Philippines - 2 F-5 fighter jets and patrol boats from South Korean Government (05 Jun 03)
On her state visit to Seoul, President Arroyo received two used F-5 fighter planes with patrol boats in addition to other military equipment. South Korea referred to the donations as a "debt of gratitude" to the Philippines for sending troops during the Korean War in the 1950s. [more...]

Philippines- Aircraft Shortage Problem Needs To Be Addressed (07 Jan 03)
The Philippine Air Force is suffering from a lack of combat aircraft, having only 100 aircrafts as compared to their 800 pilots. President Arroyo has spoken to Air Force Chief Lieutenant General Nestor Santillan regarding the aircraft shortage and informed him to speed up the programs that the Armed Forces are executing. [more...]

Philippines-Arroyo Appoints New Military Chief of Staff (05 Sep 02)
Philippine President Gloria Arroyo yesterday named the brother of one of her bitter critics as the new military Chief of Staff, provoking charges that it was a political move. [more...]

Philippine plane fired upon over Spratlys (05 Sep 02)
MANILA - A Philippine military reconnaissance plane was fired upon while flying over a Vietnamese-occupied island among the disputed Spratlys chain in the South China Sea, a confidential armed forces report said.[more...]