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Malaysia wishes to purchase four Awacs aircraft (3 Jun 2003)
Malaysia intends to spend US $1 billion (S$1.74 billion) on four Airborne Warning and Control System (Awacs). The aircrafts considered are the Grumman E-2C Hawkeye, the Boeing 737 AEW&C and the Brazilian Embraer. [more...]

French Defence Firms Welcome (30 May 2003)
Malaysia will invite French defence firms to establish defence hardware factories locally in order to strengthen defence relations. The move will encourage efforts in technology transfer and will also ensure that the military's arsenal is up to date. [more...]

Military intends to buy 17 more Aermacchi jets (27 May 2003)
The Defence Ministry wishes to add 17 more Aermacchi jets to its fleet of eight Aermacchis presently in service with the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The Aermacchi MB-339 jet trainers from the Royal New Zealand Air Force have been revamped and will be an asset to the air force. [more...]

12 New Helicopters For Malaysia Navy (26 May 2003)
The Royal Malaysian Navy will be spending more than RM 850 million (S$ 386 million) on 12 new helicopters. The 12 new copters consist of six Super Lynx from Britain and six Fennec from France and will complement the navy's existing fleet of Alouette III helicopters. [more...]

Malaysia Defence Minister Comments On Singapore's Defence
(26 May 2003)

Malaysia Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak has categorised Singapore as difficult to defend. He said that the defence of an island is known as point defence and that the island is regarded as vulnerable to external attacks. [more...]

Military Acquires 18 Russian Jets (20 May 2003)
Malaysia plans to purchase 18 Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jets worth US$900 million (S$1.6 billion) as a result of the military's defence modernisation programmes[more...]

Military Purchase Main Battle Tanks From Poland (12 Apr 2003)
The Malaysia military has confirmed a RM $1.4 billion (S$650 million) deal with Poland to procure its first maim battle tanks as part of their military upgrade that will later involve a submarine fleet, guided missile systems and new fighter jets[more...]

Royal Malaysian Navy Latest Patrol Vessels (11 Mar 2003)
The contract to build six patrol vessels by Penang Shipbuilding and Construction - Naval Dockyard was signed in September 1998. [more...]

Work Begins on Sabah Submarine Base (12 Oct 2002)
KOTA KINABALU - Construction work has started on the RM600-million (S$284-million) navy base in Sabah's Sepanggar Bay, which will be the main base for the submarines to be acquired by Malaysia according to Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak. [more...]

Navy can Train Foreigners Again (10 Aug 2002)
The Royal Malaysian Navy is willing to resume training foreign naval officers, now that it has facilities to do so, according to Chief of Navy Admiral Abu Bakar Abdul Jamal.

Navy Plans Own Aviation Wing (09 Aug 2002)
The Royal Malaysian Navy plans to have its own aviation wing, complete with transport and reconnaissance air-planes, to undertake maritime-patrol and submarine-warfare activities [more...]

KL Signs deal to buy 3 French Submarines (06 Jun 2002)
Malaysia yesterday sealed a 1.035-billion-euro (S$1.74-billion) deal to buy three French submarines to establish its first fleet of subs but dismissed fears of an arms race. [more...]

Mahathir Ready to End Water Pact (07 Aug 2002)
Singapore need not wait until 2011 to terminate one of its two water agreements with Malaysia, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said here yesterday. [more...]

Malaysia Rejects Idea of Arming Pilots: Minister (25 Jul 2002)
The Malaysian government has rejected the idea of arming airline pilots with guns as a means of countering hijacking, Transport Minister Ling Liong Sik said in remarks published in local newspapers. [more...]

Scrap Military Vehicles Used to Register Smuggled Cars (21 Jul 2002)
In a scam that allowed smuggled and stolen vehicles from neighbouring countries to ply Malaysian roads, some officials allegedly assigned to them the registration particulars from scores of government military vehicles meant for the scrap heap or the auction lot. [more...]