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Indonesia Turning to Moscow For Arms (15 Apr 2003)
The Indonesian army is turning to Moscow to upgrade its outdated arsenal. This is because a 12-year ban imposed by Washington on arm sales to Indonesia has forced the military to look at the Russian option to replace old weapons. [more...]

Indonesia Presents White Paper On National Defence Strategy (1 Apr 2003)
On Monday, the Indonesian government released a white paper on the defence policy. The white paper, which was written by the Defence Ministry, addressed the various current threats facing the country. These issues include separatist movements, terrorism, piracy, illegal logging and people trafficking. [more...]

Indonesia Set to Buy Arms from China (19 Sep 2002)
Indonesia plans to buy Chinese-made weapons to strengthen the country's armed forces, Defence Minister Matori Abdul Jalil said after meeting his Chinese counterpart Chi Haotian who began a five-day working visit here yesterday [more...]

Indonesia: Arms Trade Thrives on Corruption and Lax Patrols (18 Jul 2002)
Inadequate naval patrolling and officials who The illegal arms shipping can be paid off to turn a blind eye are the weak links enabling a thriving weapons trade through which Thai middlemen supply hundreds of guns, grenade and rocket propellers to the Aceh rebels. [more...]

Indonesian Navy Ships Not Fit to Fight (03 Jul 2002)
Indonesian navy chief Bernard Kent Sondakh has said that the navy's 113 ships are fit to sail but not fight- a startling revelation that throws into doubt its ability to crack down on the rising piracy, smuggling and illegal-immigrant problems in the sprawling archipelago [more...]